5 Things My Savvy Sisters Are NOT Doing This Year

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We don’t need to make resolutions because we tackle our goals one by one. Instead of focusing on the things we want to change we’ll go ahead and take stock of the things we WON’T do in the new year.

My Savvy Sisters Will Not

1. Focus on the details of other people’s lives. When we stress out over whether Mary’s husband is paying her enough attention or why Jennifer’s daughter is running with the wrong crowd, we add uneccessary stress to our lives. Let them worry about themselves. If it doesn’t directly impact us, we are going to smile and let it take care of itself.

2. Condemn ourselves for past mistakes. Every action we took that we thought was a mistake eventually led us to another action that made us smile, laugh or prosper therefore there are no mistakes. We can overcome anything. We become wiser. We won’t punish ourselves this year because we weren’t perfect. We aren’t perfect. We don’t want to be. Imperfection is the new black.

3. Play the victim. Whatever happens in our lives is a direct reflection of what is supposed to happen and even the losses will benefit us if we stop being emotional and really SEE what we are being directed toward. No more ‘woe is me’ stories as we introduce ourselves to new people. No more looking for ways to elicit pity so that we can manipulate the people around us. Yes, people will help us, but no one truly respects a woman who plays the victim time and time again. Own your mistakes. Be willing to lose because of them. Stand up and recognize your role and your options in the situations. Sometimes, letting go is the best thing to do.

4. Forget that our friends are important. Sure, most of us dream about a wedding ring and the glorious day we get to be the princess, but for the MAJORITY of our lives we are human beings having a great experience surrounded by people who may not be able to have sex with us or marry us but they do care. This year, we’ll choose to focus on those relationships that have stood the test of time and have shaped us for the better, yes even without an orgasm.

5. Allow this year to float by without taking a risk. We have to stop being afraid to lose. We will be willing to make a decision this year that may cause us to lose BIG TIME. We may tell our special someone how we feel about them and risk chasing them away, or we may ask for that promotion we have been craving at work. We may also decide to finally take that big opportunity overseas and risk not having a job or an apartment to come home to. Whatever comes our way this year that seems too BIG to recover from, we will walk head on into it and stop being afraid to take the risk.

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