How To Make It A Perfect Day

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Most people believe that perfect days only come along every once in a blue moon but that can be changed easily by following these 4 steps.

Step 1
Decide that you want this to be a perfect day. Decide that today you want to be happy, to laugh and to feel good all day long.

Step 2
You must understand that perfection is a matter of perception. No matter what happens today you can choose to view it as a blessing or an added benefit to your life. You choose your perception of everything that surrounds you. You decide what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Be careful with the labels you tag on the things and people you encounter today. Nothing is ‘bad’ unless you decide that it is.

Step 3
Dismiss ALL negative energy. You may encounter people who want to gossip about others, complain about their lives or release their frustrations on you. Their negative energy is transferable without bias and it can attach itself to you and ruin your day if you allow it. Simply decide that you won’t. If someone approaches you with a complaint you should smile at them, say ‘Thank You’ and walk away immediately. Shake it off. Their problems are not yours. Their perception of the world does not affect yours. You are going to have a perfect day and nothing that happens today can ruin that.

Step 4
Pretend it’s your birthday. Wait expectantly for a pleasant surprise all day long. Try to guess what the surprise will be. Practice how you will react when it is presented to you. Imagine that the biggest and best gift you’ve been wanting for so long will be delivered to you today.

Prepare for it. Dress nicely. Wear your favorite shade of lipstick. Smile at every stranger as though they could be the delivery person. Look into the eyes of each person you encounter as though your loving gaze will give them permission to hand you your greatest desire. By holding this particular energy of expectancy, you will begin to notice a shift in the energy of your day which will help to create and attract the type of experiences that you need to turn this ordinary day into a day filled with happy surprises.

Go out and make it a perfect day!

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