Life Is A Transition

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You may be in the midst of a major life overhaul. Things seem to be crashing down all around you. You might feel like you’re being punished for something you did in the past but allow me to shift your perspective.

Life is a transition.

Everyday your body’s cells regenerate themselves. Everyday the sun rises and falls again. Everyday the circumstances shift around you. Don’t be alarmed. Things are supposed to change. If you have ever wanted more for your life things MUST change in order for you to have MORE.

Consider life to be like a bicycle wheel. You are at the center of that wheel. Life’s circumstances are the spokes in the wheel. The people you encounter are the spokes in that wheel. The dreams you have for your life are also the spokes in that wheel. When your life is in motion, which it always is, you, at the center are poised.

When circumstances shift, it is because they must. If you try to hold those spokes in place, you will stop the cycle of life or at least hurt your hand. Detach yourself from the spokes in the wheel. Allow each circumstance to come and go. Enjoy each person who spins into your life and allow them to leave if they must.

Be poised, understanding that your life is on a continuum that is blessed and magical. You wouldn’t want to taste your first piece of candy and then not try anymore. There are lots of candy to try. There are so many experiences to have. Life is full of stories that begin and end.

When your circumstances shift, you are simply moving on toward your next story.

Open your eyes and make it a great one.

For My Savvy Sisters: When was your last life transition? Did you handle it gracefully or did you embrace it with your eyes closed?

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