Poll Results: What Makes You Feel Like A Woman?

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MySavvySisters.Com posted a poll that asked its readers to answer the question: What makes you feel like a woman?

Of the women who responded:

44% answered Nurturing Others
22% answered Being Cared For
22% answered Playing Dominant/Submissive Roles
11% answered Romantic Relationships

Analysis- What does this indicate about the mental state of women who read My Savvy Sisters?

The women who read MSS are women who take pride in caring for others. Biologically, we are designed to be nurturers and that role fulfills us physically and psychologically.

As nurturing women, we give our time and energy to planting seeds in those around us and the things we love most. We not only nurture our children but we also nurture our mates, our friends and our parents. We sow into them emotionally and through our loving actions. We thrive on watching our nurturing groom the people we love and we truly want the best for those around us.

Being cared for by the people we love also makes us appreciate our feminine nature and the role we play in our relationships, both romantic and platonic also give us our share of WOMAN POWER.

To My Savvy Sisters- Keep giving. Keep loving. Keep believing that through your love, wisdom and generosity this world can be uplifted. You are so very right. It is through your breasts and breath that life is given meaning. Don’t ever hold back. Love as much as you want to. Share as much as you can. Give as much as you have to offer.

Our survival depends on you.

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