Why You Don’t Have To Be Number One

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You may feel like there is a lot of pressure to achieve something great during the course of your life. We are a society raised by television that glamorizes celebrity which causes most little boys and girls to daydream of being actors or actresses or rappers.

While these people seem to live the ideal lifestyle, having millions of fans and riding in the most luxurious vehicles alongside beautiful people, is that what really creates happiness?

Being number one at anything requires a certain amount of dedication and sacrifice. You won’t be able to enjoy the many adventures of life because you are so focused on being the best at that ONE thing. Some people do undertake this level of sacrifice by choice but you shouldn’t allow it to make you feel badly about who and where you are in life.

You are the author of your own life story. You can define greatness for yourself. Your version of greatness doesn’t have to match the woman you read about in the fashion magazine. These people, once they reach the top, have to put in even more work to stay there. They sometimes set their ability to love themselves by how many fans they have or how many awards they receive.

Awards are man made objects. I know because I have created many awards programs throughout my life. All it takes is a computer and a printer and then I go out and buy a frame and there it is. The value people place on these awards is the meaning behind it. Receiving an award and valuing it simply means that you value someone else’s appreciation and acknowledgment of who you are and what you can do.

Do you really need that to feel good about yourself?

No, you don’t. You don’t need anyone else’s validation to know that you are indeed a worthy and valuable human being. You don’t need anything outside of yourself to help you place a sense of self worthiness within your being.

Stop trying to impress people. Stop trying so hard to be great in another man’s eyes. Stop trying to win love. Stop pressuring yourself to do something great.

You will achieve greatness when you follow your bliss. When your passion is reflected in the work you do, they will all come knocking to acknowledge you. Your passion doesn’t have to expose itself in the boardroom. Your passion can be expressed by the way you show love to your children. Your passion can be expressed by the generosity you show to those in need. You will receive an inner reward that is unmatched by any wooden plaque I could buy for you. Your applause will be self generated and won’t end when its time to cut to a commercial.

You don’t have to be number one.

You don’t need outside validation to know you are a worthy human being.

It’s okay to redefine your version of success. You give definition to everything that happens in your life. Call yourself GREAT right now and it will be.

For My Savvy Sisters: Can you recall a time when it was better not to be the top gun?

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