My Savvy Sisters Own Their Preferences

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Reeses or Snickers?

Morris Chestnut or Taye Diggs?

Soccer or Football?

Which do you prefer?

What makes our world so wonderful is each person’s ability to experience new things and decide which experiences make them happy.

Each experiences allows us the opportunity to add another barometer to our existence and pushes us toward better defining what brings us joy and pleasure.

Your preferences for your lifestyle or goals for your future are never wrong. You can’t get it wrong. You can’t allow anyone to lead you to believe that what brings you pleasure is wrong.

My Savvy Sisters know this. My Savvy Sisters are free to be who they want to be and live how they want to live.

My Savvy Sisters define their preferences and become proud of them, never settling for less than what will bring them toward their ultimate desire of happiness.

Own your preferences.

It’s okay.

Live life on your own terms and bathe in bliss.

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