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The Savvy Sister of the Year honors a woman who has been a game changer in her life or the life of others. She is strong, she is resilient and she is an amazing woman who has learned how to turn straw into gold. Each year, we honor one woman from among the dozens of women we profile as My Savvy Sister of the Week.

We honor her with the title Savvy Sister of the Year and we herald her as a prime example of the type of woman that makes her own rules and has created a lifestyle that she loves and celebrates.

These are our past honorees.


sikivu Hutchinson My Savvy Sister Of The Year2012 – Sikivu Hutchinson 

Sikivu lives in Los Angeles, California and is the Senior Intergroup Specialist of the L.A. County Human Relations Commission.

She is the author of Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars. She founded the Women’s Leadership Project (WLP), a South L.A.-based feminist mentoring and social justice advocacy program for high school girls of color. The WLP trains young women to advocate for gender justice in their school-communities around anti-violence, reproductive justice, media representation, undocumented student rights, college access and LGBTQ rights.



kimberly ang give your gap My savvy sisters2013- Kimberly Ang

Kimberly helped to spearhead a fascinating a team called Give Your Gap. This team of recent college graduates decided that life doesn’t have to stall just because there is no clear direction. They created Give Your Gap, encouraging other adults to offer their service as volunteers across the world while they figure out their next step in life.




Lola Blake Chick Sticks2014 – Lola Jade Cimmino

Lola is the creator of Chick Sticks a manufacturer of high end surfboards and skateboards for girls. She also produces a premiere line of jewelry, apparel, footwear,  accessories, wet suits, work out equipment, sunglasses, natural body products and other girly gems.

Lola Jade financed her business by herself, growing it from the first surf board to a brand that is celebrated by thousands. She has recently expanded her business to include a men’s line of water sports equipment called Wikked Surfboards.





To be considered for Savvy Sister of the Year you must first be profiled as Savvy Sister of the Week. Eligibility requirements and an application can be found on this Interview Page.