You Are The Author Of Your Own Misfortune

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What does it mean when every time you turn around there is another challenge to face, another cross to bear, another battle to fight? Does it mean that you are cursed? Does it mean that your life is not worth living? Does it mean that you were born to suffer?

No. It does not mean any of those things. Whenever we face challenges in life, they are there to offer us a choice. We can choose how we react to them and how much importance we place on these challenges.

Maybe today you were venting because your car broke down. Maybe you decided that you had enough with a co worker who was constantly trying to hurt you. Maybe you are tired of meeting people and still feeling alone. Maybe you have tried to reach your goals for so long that you are just about to give up on believing they are actually attainable.

How do you feel when you face life’s most daunting trials? I’ll bet you wonder what is so wrong with you that things can’t go smoothly, at least for a little while. What if I told you that you are creating your own misery? Would you be upset with me and curse at me, offering me story after story of how someone else hurt you and made you lose out in life? Would you blame them for your misfortune and reach out to everyone you know, asking for sympathy?

You are the author of your own misfortune.

Unfortunately you may have been a victim, but by continuing to dwell on it and share these sad stories, you continue to categorize yourself as one. What someone else did to you doesn’t have to be your life song. You don’t have to fight. You can walk away and be done with it. You are the author of the paragraphs you share with others online. You are the author of the stories you tell to your friends, just like you are the author of your life.

The stories you tell, you CHOOSE to keep telling. These stories define you, the unfortunate situations do not. What you share with others is your chance to be the author of your life.  If the stories you choose to tell, are that of a victim over and over again then yes, you are the author of your misfortune.

You can decide today that these situations were not misfortunate, they were merely the catalyst to push you to define what it is that you truly want for your life.

You are the author of your misfortune. You get to decide what damages you permanently.

Go ahead. Decide.

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