Te-Erika’s Diary: When I’m With You

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I know it is. But when I’m with you, I feel more free than I feel when I’m with anyone else.  I laugh a lot. I smile. I joke. I dance. I howl. I get angry sometimes. I coo. I kid. I hop.


Everyday is like a holiday. When I’m with you.

Sometimes I feel like no one understands like you do. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky when I met you. Sometimes I wonder why I allow you to drive me crazy. You give me these big ass UNREALISTIC dreams and then you whisper to me – Why not?

And then I listen to you because- why not?

And even when I encounter them. The she’s, the he’s the hers, the thems. And they all give me the side eye because I, am nothing like them. Don’t fit in with them. Can’t twerk with them. Shunned by them.

You. You don’t care. You open the door. You let me in. You make me a bowl of cereal. You laugh with me anyway.

Damn. You’re my best friend.

And because I know I have you- I feel like I have everything.

You are my everything.

And I am grateful to know you.


I am grateful to know me.

Because I am my best friend.

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