5 Ways To Be An Overcomer

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Tamika Newhouse

I recently spoke with AAMBC President Tamika Newhouse. Newhouse founded the African Americans on the Move Book Club in 2008 so that unknown African American authors would have an opportunity to be exposed to the world. Since then she has become an engaging voice in breaking new authors who desire their time in the spotlight.

While the video below captures the essence of Newhouse’s humble beginnings and passion for the written word, I asked Newhouse to offer My Savvy Sisters encouraging words for doing what she has successfully done, transforming her dream into her reality. By diligently transforming her passion into a profitable business Newhouse was able to overcome the false ideals about her worth that stood in the way of her success.

Tip 1 – Find Your Passion
Your passion chooses you. You know you’ve found your passionwhen you can’t help but do it. You can’t stop doing it if you tried. Pay attention to what makes you truly happy and you’ll know.

Tip 2- Do The Research
Don’t be ignorant about what you want to do. Do the research. Find out what it takes to have what you want. Know the business.

Tip 3- Be Obsessive
You must put a lot of work in. You have to be obsessive. If you aren’t obsessed with your dream it’s not going to happen.

Tip 4- Surround Yourself With Positive People
You must surround yourself with people who will be beneficial to you. There will always be negative people around who criticize you for your lifestyle. I’m a mother and sometimes I’ll hear the question, “Where are your kids?” These people don’t believe that you can have both a career and a family. You should find someone who encourages you, someone you can learn from and someone who has a good spirit.

Tip 5- Network
It’s important to meet people in the business. If you are insecure about your worth or your personality you shouldn’t be. I don’t like to change who I am to fit into a certain clique. The more that you are open to being YOU, the more people will expect you to be YOU and accept you. They’re either going to like you or dislike you but don’t worry; What’s for you is for you.

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