The Power Of Poise

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This life is a whirlwind of experiences, people and adventures. As soon as one story ends, another begins to push you toward an even more eventful life. Nothing ever stays the same. Stability is an illusion. We are constantly evolving and re shaping our thoughts, desires and habits.

While the world spins around us, it can cause us to fall out of sync with our true selves. We can sway and moan as we evolve or we can train ourselves to remain poised through any circumstance.

There is power in being poised. Being poised allows us to see more vividly and hear more clearly the internal nudges that will lead us away from the chaos. When we are not poised, our tears blur our vision and our hearts beat too loudly to hear the gentle whisper of our intuition.

I remember last week I encountered a problem as I went to pick up a few important documents. After an hour and a half of standing in line, I was told that I had forgotten a few things. I walked away angry and frustrated. I had woke up early after only 2 hours of sleep to catch two buses to go there. I stormed off, my insides boiling and I called up a friend to vent and release my frustration.

I sat on the bus stop crying. “I’m trying so hard,” I thought to myself. “I’m just trying to do some good in the world.”

I had a pity party for about 10 minutes and then I shook it off, dried my tears and stood up. As soon as I stood up, I heard my intuition speak, “Just go back in and ask for a substitute form to fill out.”


I went back in and came right out with the documents I needed to complete my tasks that afternoon. If I had continued to focus on the dilemma and sat there in tears and frustration I would have never heard my intuition speak. The answers you need to any of life’s dilemma’s are always within you.

It is important to quiet your mind and trust the solution to be revealed. It can’t be revealed if you aren’t poised, waiting expectantly for it to come. It will come. It has to. You have the greatest strength within you.

Stand firm. Stand tall. Dry your eyes. Listen. The answer is there.

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