Ease Your Fears With Detachment

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Our greatest fears come from a place in our hearts that lead us to believe that we can not have or do not deserve to have good things come into our lives. We expect the worst. We plan for it. We strategize about how we will fix it when it happens. We become defensive in our interactions, thereby sabotaging our success which eventually affirms our core belief.

We make our fears come true.

One way that I have learned to stop this destructive habit is to practice detachment. Detaching yourself from your desires is a sure fire way to ease your fears.

How do you know if you are attached instead of detached?

Try this exercise:

List your top 3 major desires. These 3 things must be things you want to happen with all of your heart.

Next, on a scale from 1 to 5 with one being Indifferent and 5 being Completely Heartbroken, rate how would you feel if each of your desires NEVER HAPPENED?

The closer your ratings are to the number 5, the more attached you are.

When you can understand that NOTHING has to happen in order for you to be happy, then you will experience a sense of peace that withstands all weathers. Your fears will subside because you’ll know that even if your fears come true, you can still be happy.

Relax. Trust that everything will be okay.

Believe in your greatest dreams and do not allow anyone, especially your own thoughts, to tell you that you don’t deserve them.

You do deserve them.

And so what if they never come true. What you are really hoping for is the emotion behind seeing the fruition of the dream. Define that emotion and decide to experience it right now.

For My Savvy Sisters: Do you remember a time when you stopped TRYING and what you wanted seemed to appear magically in your life?

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