Will You Die a Beautiful Death?

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No one ever really thinks of death as beautiful because they believe that death is a punishment. Even if you can’t change your belief that death is a bad thing, consider that sometimes a death could be beautiful.


We are all assured that we will die one day and most of us live in fear of how it will happen. We believe it will involve prolonged pain and anguish so the mere thought of it makes us cringe. Of hundreds of near death experiences I have read, not one of them reported that death was painful. In fact, most described it as an experience  that they looked forward to having again.

If you can’t wrap your mind around looking forward to death, maybe I can help you to understand how someone could have a beautiful death; people around you have had them and you never even took notice.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I am so happy I could die right here.” When someone dies in the midst of doing what they love to do most, or with the people they love most, it is a beautiful death.


A man named James lived happily with his wife and 3 children. He watched them grow up and move away and he and his wife maintained their home even though they no longer needed such a big place. For more than 30 years James worked proudly as the groundskeeper for his neighborhood park, eventually working his way up to lead groundskeeper. One chilly morning James was in the park making his rounds to see what needed to be done. Without warning he felt a sharp pain in his chest and he bent to his knees to steady himself. Before he could understand what had happened, the pain intensified and he collapsed, never to wake up again.

James died in the very place where he had devoted the majority of his life. He died in the midst of a beautiful place that he helped to create and maintain, a place that he knew every nook and cranny of, a place where his hands had make their mark. James died in the midst of doing what he loved. James died a beautiful death.


Tina was the type of girl who loved taking risks. Over the course of her 25 years on Earth she had tried nearly every type of drug, traveled to 5 different countries and dyed her hair 8 different colors. Tina was never the type to shy away from a dare so when a friend offered her the chance to take his motorcycle for a spin she hopped on without hesitation. Off she sped down the interstate the wind in her hair, a smile plastered on her face, the feeling of life and freedom coarsing through her entire body. She didn’t see the semi truck changing lanes and in the matter of moments she had flipped over and crashed into the median, never to awake again.

Tina died in the midst of experiencing the essence of the way she lives life- exhilaration and freedom. Tina died a beautiful death.


Mario couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally reconnected with an old friend from his childhood. Recently released from prison, Mario and his childhood buddy rekindled their relationship, heading out on the town, drinking, smoking weed and seeing who could get the most women. Mario was a ladies man and kept a record of all of the women he had been with, considering them trophies. On one particular wild night, Mario was dropped his friend off home and went to pick up a lady he had met the night before. They cruised over to the local convenience store to get some condoms and snacks before heading to the motel. As soon as they arrived in the motel, he got undressed and went into the bathroom. When he came out the young lady was also undressed and laying on the bed. As his fingers groped her body, his heart began to beat fast. He couldn’t believe his luck, a beautiful woman like this was with him, he had just had the night of his life and now she was kneeling in front of him as his eyes rolled back into his head.

He never saw the person who came up behind him. He could not imagine the hand that pulled the trigger or how long it would take to clean the blood from the wall beside him. Mario died that day, in the middle of his own ecstasy. Mario died a beautiful death.


Raegan was the type of woman that every child wished they had for a Mom. She loved to bake treats for her family, go on walks and take trips to the beach. One one particularly sunny day Raegan, her husband and 3 children and one new addition, their first grandchild all drove an hour to spend the day at the beach. They had a blast eating friend chicken, splashing around and climbing the rocks on the coast. When Raegan went to collect shells for her shell collection, no one noticed that she had been gone for about 20 minutes. As they stood up to go find her they saw her blue pail floating near the water’s edge. Her body bobbed up and down just a few feet away. Raegan had drowned.

Although her family as devastated, Raegan died after what was the single most peaceful and wonderful days of her life. She spent her last day in a beautiful place with the people she loved the most. Raegan died a beautiful death.



So now do you see how a death can be beautiful. If a death occurs while a person is in the midst of or having just completed those activities that really defined who they were in life then they were in the perfect place to die. Even if a loved one dies in her sleep after a beautiful night out with friends, she has died a beautiful death because she had one last chance to experience the love she treasured. Even if a drug addict dies with a needle in his arm he died a beautiful death because in the midst of a magnificent high, he slipped away.

A death is beautiful when we die doing what we enjoyed the most in life or surrounded by the people we loved the most.

What would be a beautiful death for you?

Here’s to hoping you experience that.


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