Te-Erika’s Diary: My Sons Visit Los Angeles

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In truth, it had been a YEAR since I’ve seen my boys after starting The Rebuild Your Life Project-Los Angeles. What a sacrifice THEY made to allow me to come out here in hopes of teaching women that if they needed to rebuild their lives in a new city they could do it.

So I’ve been rebuilding MY life in Los Angels and I’m okay. The high point of this entire project was actually waking up one morning and seeing my kids in the bed and asking myself, “Is this real? Is this really happening?”

I couldn’t believe it. I did it. I saved up enough money to bring them out here from Florida AND have a good time while we did it. I’m almost crying just thinking about it right now. As we sat at the airport waiting for their flight to board, my 11 year old baby Solomon said, “Mommy, didn’t you move to LA with less than $200?”

I nodded. “I sure did.”

My 12-year-old baby looked at me, “Mommy. Wow! You’re doing GOOD!”

I hung my head low in amazement. Yes, I am.

Here are pictures of my sons and I having a BLAST in Los Angeles. If you ever come to vacation with your children in Los Angeles, please do try out these activities.

Silly Boys

My sons Saidon and Solomon being silly on the FlyAway coming in from LAX.

Long Beach United Boxing Club

My sons enjoyed a FREE boxing class at Long Beach United Boxing Club. Afterwards, their bodies were sore.

Riding The Redline

My sons Saidon, Solomon and I took public transportation everywhere we went ad they LOVED it. This is on the Red Line in LA.

Te-Erika's Sons

We head out to Hollywood Boulevard so they can see the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Fame for the first time.

Tour of Hollywood

We booked a guided tour of Hollywood and took in the sites in style!

Kisses for my Baby Solomon Te-Erika

My son Solomon gets extra kisses from Mommy while in Hollywood and he ALLOWS it! WOW!

Mulholland Drive

My sons and I on Mulholland Drive.

In N Out Burger in Hollywood

My sons Solomon, Saidon and I had In N Out Burger for lunch in Hollywood. They don’t have this burger joint on the east coast. Yum!

Hollywood and Highland

I take my boys to Hollywood and Highland, my old stomping ground when I lived in Hollywood.

Hollywood Sweat Shirts

My boys loved their California sweatshirts!

Hollywood and Vine

My son Solomon walked right past the characters on Hollywood Boulevard!


Kitchen Den & Bar in Long Beach was a favorite place to eat wings and play games.


Sai and Solomon playing games at Kitchen Den & Bar in Long Beach.


The PIKE is an awesome place for kids in Long Beach.

Monday 2

We made the trip to Venice Beach and my boys loved it!

Monday 3

Hanging out at Venice Beach on a perfect day!

SHoreline Drive 2

We couldn’t resist eating at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles!

SHoreline Drive 3

My son Saidon seems so delighted to receive his chicken and waffles.

SHoreline Drive 6

We hung out at Shoreline Drive in Long Beach. An easy breezy day.

SHoreline Drive 7

One afternoon we painted pictures in the backyard.

Chinese Theatre In Hollywood

Posing outside The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

El Capitan Te-Erika sons Saidon and Solomon

We got a chance to experience a movie at the famous El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard

Dirty Dancing

I danced with Patrick Swayze at Madame Taussauds Wax Museum In Hollywood!


I said hello to Forrest Gump at the Wax Museum too!

Justin Boys

My sons posed with Justin Timberlake at the Wax Museum.

Kobe Solomon

Solomon and Kobe Bryant!

Obama Te-Erika Sons and President Obama

My sons and President Obama


My son Sai being interviewed on the red carpet. LOL


Sai got to wrap his arms around Rihanna, although he thought it was Katy Perry at first!

Tony Hawk

My son posed with Tony Hawk too!

We had a GREAT time and I am so glad my dream came true!





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