Why Women Love/Hate Pinterest

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Besides the marketing benefits of driving traffic to retail websites, blogs and online shopping sources, the latest rage in social networking is a virtual pinboard called Pinterest.

Created in 2009 by a man named Ben Silberman, Pinterest was named one of 2011’s top 10 social networks by Hitwise and it has proven to be a hit with most women who rave about its “no drama” environment filled with “pretty things you love.”

But not all women find Pinterest appealing in fact, Pinterest is a site that you either love, hate or use for marketing purposes. As Julia** from Burlington, Kentucky said, “I hate looking at scrapbooks and I see no social value in watching women fawn over dresses. What’s the point?”

There are others who share Julia’s sentiment. “What is it supposed to be?” asked 36-year-old Wendy Brooks from Miami, Florida. “I joined but left after 30 seconds. Who cares about making fake weddings and pretending like we will ever have this stuff. I want engagement, not imaginary entertainment.”

But there are women like 26-year-old graphic designer Maia McDonald who fell in love with Pinterest at first sight. “I became pretty addicted from the beginning,” the Oakland, California resident remembers. “It provided a format that I really was craving even though I didn’t know it. Before Pinterest I would constantly be bookmarking every blog, artist or interesting and beautiful tidbit I found on the web, which resulted in these crazy, convoluted folders and sub folders chronicling everything I loved.”

When Maia changed jobs recently and she introduced herself to her new co workers, a couple of the women revealed that they had been following her pin boards and were already acquainted with her interests through the site.

For Lanti Igus, a healthcare worker in Gainesville, Florida, Pinterest was an instant thrill. “I am a visual person,” Lanti explains. “I love pretty pictures and you also find so many random, neat things like recipes, cleaning tips, clothing, travel ideas and so on. Then you can always go right to the website where the picture came from. I love it. It’s just random goodness and never boring because you always find something new.”

With thousands of women joining the Pinterest craze each day and a similar site called Gentlemint in operation for men, this virtual pinning board must be filling a need that no other social network has met.

Try not to brush off this venture as another web start-up, the site is clearly making an impact on business and pleasure. If you’re on the fence about trying it, check out our list of 10 Ways You Can Benefit From Pinterest.

You too, can enjoy the benefits of Pinterest by using it for:

1. Meal Planning
2. Vision boards
4. Craft Ideas
5. Organizing your projects
6. Wardrobe Inspiration
7. Home Improvement Ideas
8. Gift Ideas
9. Blogging (Pinning) your life story
10. Advertising your wares

Happy Pinning!

**Julia’s name was changed per her request for anonymity.

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