From Empath To Intuitive: Indigo Kashmire

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Indigo Kashmire

Davie, Florida


Over the last 20 years Indigo Kashmire has studied Quantum Physics. In October 2010she was able to bring all of her healing gifts and quantum studies together to develop a technique that she calls re birthing. “I am able to draw out negative energy that is lingering in your field and recycle it to positive energy,” she explained. “This initiates the self healing system and activates the spiritual gifts that have been blocked.”


According to Indigo women seek intuitive counseling for three reasons:

1) To validate or confirm their own intuition.
2) To get information about future events concerning people in their lives.
3) To understand the spiritual dynamics of their lives or their immediate circumstance and why certain people are in their lives.Finally, once understood, seeking spiritual guidance to be all they can be.

“Every person is on a journey,” Indigo notes. “Our journey is customized to what it is we need to learn in this physical body, in this physical world. We can be on the same path or our paths can run along side of our friends but we cannot share in our journey. Our journey is for us and us only.”

The 42-year-old intuitive expressed that when circumstances arise in a person’s lives they tend to pull upon the information that they have been given over the years. “It is at this crossroads that information becomes outdated and thus the tools as well. It is then time for new tools and new perspectives to come to our mind in order to begin the next chapter of our lives. That would be the best time for you to seek intuitive services to help process the information and find which tool best suits you.”


Any intuitive counselor that is most interested in the need of the client is the best type of intuitive to connect with. “It is through a series of researching and tests or consultations that you can get a sense of what you need from that experience,” Indigo said. “I take time to build a rapport with my client and help them to understand and see their part in the dynamics of any given situation.”

She suggests writing down a series of questions you would like to ask someone who has the potential to assist you on any matter.

“Periodically I have groups of clients that struggle and go through times of crisis. I know that these clients are the most important to me in that moment and Spirit will tell me that they are very close to making a huge life decision. I only do what Spirit tells me to do,” Indigo said.

”In assisting clients in crisis I have found their feedback delivers a message of hope to others. That is the foundation of my work. Helping those to help themselves and then to eventually help others. I have a 100% success rate in any client situation that requires emergency management which explains why I have been studying emergency management in the disaster related field,” Indigo explained. “My clients find the courage inside them to make the right choices and take action in areas that they have been stagnated in. Sometimes I ponder the thought that they are sent to me at that time strategically.”

Indigo describes herself as a First Wave Indigo. “I knew at a very young age that I was different than everyone else around me. By the age of one I could see energy around every living thing. My vibrational energy was so high that I was completely misunderstood and felt that I never fit in. I am an Empath, as I learned later, and could always feel other people’s feelings thinking they were my own. I could never separate them and I became heavy and negative until I learned what it was and how to manage it,” she said. “I believe strongly that we all have very unique innate gifts that you need to evolve into by releasing fear and old belief systems that do not work for you now.
With all of the astrological changes in effect, what that energy is reflecting down to us I am certain that many are awakening to their purpose here and a simpler way to live.”


A prediction for My Savvy Sisters.Com: Yes. I feel the publisher will have a very creative idea toward the end of this month that will be very valuable to the progress of this project. My guides say to go in that direction and it will come very easy and will be very lucrative.

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