Te-Erika’s Diary: Judgmental Kids

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Today was Mother’s Day.

I don’t really get all worked up about it because my kids live with their Dad in Florida while I live in LA. I know to most people I’m not really a “mother” because I don’t have my kids with me, but hey- I went through labor, potty training and sleepless nights- that counts.

What is crazy to me is watching my sons grow up and how me and their Dad used to be the apple of their eye and now- my sons judge us.

I first noticed it with my older son Sai who would complain about his Dad (nothing major just being an entitled brat) but his complaints turned into judgmental comments like- “Dad’s a nerd.”

I was shocked to hear that come from him but then I remembered that I did the same thing once upon a time, judging my own Mom for being weird or whatever. It’s his age. He’s almost 14.

Then I realized that if they do it to their Dad they must be doing it to me as well. As much as they act polite when they speak with me, behind the scenes I am sure they roll their eyes and make judgmental remarks about who I am and my progress in life.

It makes me laugh to think about how self righteous they must feel at this point in their lives and how much more they will have to fuck up in order to understand what me and their Dad have been through and how truly successful we are in spite of all the bullshit life brings.

Kids. I swear.


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