Sugar Detox: Ready To Binge On Sugar

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I wish I could write about all of the great tasting snacks I’ve learned about during this 28 Day Sugar Detox from the Mentor Me Off Sugar Program but really, I haven’t learned a damn thing.

The end of the detox is near and I have not had ONE SWEET TREAT in nearly a month. The Starburst candy that were sitting unopened in the bottom of my purse are still there and I look at them everyday but I don’t touch them.

I was hoping that I would discover a new lifestyle, one filled with tasty veggies and shit, but that didn’t happen. I fantasize daily about eating a big chunk of chocolate cake, nibbling on chocolate chip cookies and being satisfied without having to spend so much money on fruits and nuts which run out so quickly.

I tried. I gave it an honest try, but without being a cook, I can’t get used to this diet of fruit and nuts and ham and cheese sandwhiches which is all I eat now that I can’t have anything with sugar in it.

I’m ready for some ice cream. I’m ready for some cake.

I’m ready to taste the chocolatey deliciousness of Co Co Puffs again.

This seems like it was a failure for me.

I’m proud that I even got this far without slipping up. I went out to eat and turned down the soda tonight, which I am extremely proud of.

Does my body feel different? Not really. I feel tired more often and I have less pleasure in my life. Laura said something to me about taking care of my needs in my personal life which then reflect on my eating habits. Maybe that is the case here. I have no lover, no friends, no family around me. I work and I strategize about how to expand my brand every chance I get.

I have no pleasure in my life. FOOD was my pleasure. And now that it is gone, I feel sad and horny all the time.

I’m ready to invite that good feeling back in although I know sugar is detrimental to my health. I wonder how much this has actually changed me. I won’t know until this is over and I’m back in the grocery store standing in the cereal aisle face to face with  my beloved Co Co Puffs.


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