My Intuitive Insight – Erin Pavlina

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Erin Pavlina

Las Vegas, Nevada

Erin Pavlina is an intuitive counselor, speaker and author. She writes, posts videos and contributes to a community of men and women who are fascinated and inspired by intuitive work.
Erin shares insight about the importance of cultivating intuition with the readers of My Savvy Sisters.

When I started out I used the term psychic medium to indicate that I was a psychic who could also connect with deceased energies on the other side. However, today I prefer the term intuitive counselor. As a counselor I use my intuitive abilities (clairvoyance and clairaudience) to connect with spirit guides who pass on information designed to help my clients make smooth transitions into the life they desire.

I write articles on topics including personal development, spiritual development, and psychic development. My articles touch upon career, relationships, finances, health, spirituality, astral
projection, lucid dreaming, and paranormal phenomenon. I attract people who are into personal growth but who also recognize the benefits of being balanced between the material and the spiritual. I enjoy writing for a wide audience. Often very spiritual people are surprised to find I write coherently about real-world problems, and very grounded agnostic folks like my views on spirituality. It’s great to connect the two.

Most people are receiving intuitive insights, but they are not aware that they are. Then, even when they are aware that they are receiving intuitive guidance, they don’t act on it because they don’t always trust the information, or it flies in the face of logic. So I like to tell people to actively listen to, trust, and act upon their intuition for 30 days to strengthen their intuitive muscles. Meditate, connect with your guides, ask them for insights and wisdom, and trust their counsel.

I think the biggest misconception people have about our profession is that only some people are intuitive. Everyone is intuitive, but some people don’t work on developing their intuition so it feels like they don’t have any. Just like building physical muscles, some people are weaker while others are stronger. But you get out of it what you put into it. Keep working your intuitive muscles and they will get stronger. Ignore them and they will atrophy.

Being intuitive does not guarantee you a perfect life free of pain or humiliation. Staying tuned in all the time or checking with intuition every moment is too tiring. I trust my guides to get important and urgent messages to me when they need to. My guides do not want to rob me of the gift of free will, so I’m totally free to make dumb decisions any time I want to. It adds spice to life.

However, being intuitive definitely has its advantages. Thanks to my intuition and spirit guides, I have had great success in my career helping others. They give me great ideas, support, encouragement, and can sometimes give me a shortcut to my goals. They have definitely also prevented me from getting hurt or injured. So while I wouldn’t say my life is perfect, I know it’s been made better by being strongly intuitive.

You May Be Intuitive If:

  • You have ever had a gut feeling that you should do something even though logic was not present to give you any information about the situation.
  • You can sense what other people are thinking or feeling.
  • You have premonitions about future events you couldn’t know anything about.

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