The Love Psychic- Joanna Ammons

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Joanna Ammons

Streamwood, Illinois



Joanna Ammons is the powerhouse behind OneSoulmate.Com. Her website and intuitive services cater to people seeking information about their soulmates. Although Joanna’s phone booking roster with her clients are usually on a 2-3 week wait time, she does not think about her intuitive services as ‘work’. “It is more of a path assignment,” she explained. “It’s very simple, I see and hear things and receive messages for individuals I am supposed to help.”

People from all ages and even pet owners contact Joanna to find out about love, finances and residential moves and changes that happen in their lives. She said she receives messages and uses no methods like cards or chanting.

“I was born with it,” she explained. “As a child, I often got in trouble in school and with my mother. My worst experience was telling a childhood friend that she was adopted and her adopted family did not want her to know it yet. Boy did I get into some trouble that day. I believe we are all born with [this gift] and society wipes it out. It sticks to those who are a bit more stubborn and question the ‘rules’ imposed upon us.”

The Love Psychic said if she could have chosen another path for her life she would have studied medicine. She emphasizes this love for physical healing by writing articles for Yahoo News under the genre of health and wellness.

“I didn’t choose medicine because I chose taking care of family first,” she explained. “I have members of family who are disabled who I also care for on a full time basis.”

With all the inspiration and motivation Joanna gives through her services, I wondered how the giver replenishes herself. “I pray and I believe in God,” she said. “I believe that when we are assigned difficulty in life, we are also given the strength to endure. We are all placed here to love and to serve. You must make some time to take care of yourself so you can be strong to care for the ones you love. I replenish through daily prayer and meditation. If everyone took 15 minutes a day to clear their mind and meditate, that in itself would change their life for the better.”

A prediction for My Savvy Sisters.Com: Follow your heart Te-Erika, something inside of you is brewing and it is so wonderful. Keep focused on accomplishing your dreams. Surely it will happen. Your key is simply believing in yourself.

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