The Recipe For Weakness

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What makes women weak?

The answer is simple; a need for acceptance and approval.

In our quest to find purpose and meaning in our lives we are clueless as to how to go about it. We measure ourselves by our achievements and our ability to experience lasting romantic relationships. We believe that by accomplishing these things our existence is then validated and we are worthy human beings.

This could not be farther from the truth. If we measure our worth by achievements, we are subtly seeking recognition for these achievements. We need a round of applause from others so that we can feel validated for living our lives the right way.

This is the mentality that creates weakness. You are putting your sense of self worth in the hands of others. You need their recognition to be able to qualify yourself and anytime you allow this to happen you are at their mercy.

Take back your power by:

1) Owning your life experience understanding that YOU make the rules and guidelines for your success.

2) Learning to applaud yourself regardless of your achievements. You are worthy because you exist. You have not given up on life and you are moving forward in this world’s playground creating the life that you want.

3) Taking stock of what is really important to your happiness and not allowing anyone else to affect your barometer. If successfully managing a family is the most important thing then do not allow anyone to steal that idea by falsely implanting the idea that your life is meaningless without a career. If traveling the world and having new experiences is important to your happiness then do that without worrying about anyone who believes otherwise.

YOUR OPINION of who you are is most important. You are your final and only judge. Eliminate weakness by understanding your authority in your own life and never allowing anyone else to have it.

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