7 Bad Excuses For Ruining Your Life

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Whenever you meet someone who is disappointed about their life and seems to have given up hope they always have an excuse or a reason why it’s better not to try to improve themselves. That reason is usually rooted in what someone else did or said to them and how it impacted the way they see themselves.

When I meet people like this, I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel disturbed by their presence because their self pity and self sabotage is a choice that they are making and I will not join the party.

If you are purposely ruining your life by engaging in drug use, not taking care of your health or intentionally sabotaging your progress, hey,  that is your business, just don’t whine about it to others. You’re making an excuse for not owning up to the power and potential you know you have and we’re not here to console you for your own choice.

You have to make the decision to let go of your pain and move on toward a more peaceful future and no one can coach you or push you to do it. So if you are using one of these excuses for ruining your own life, keep it to yourself.


My husband left me.



My mother used to abuse me as a child.



I was raped.



I’ve never been loved.


I’m not smart.



They told me I’d never be anything.



I’m not really good at anything.


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