How To Pray

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Believe it or not…


Have you ever been thinking about a person and then you hear from them immediately afterwards?
Have you ever had your worst fear come to fruition?
Have you ever taken the time to imagine a scenario and then shortly thereafter the situation occurred just as you thought it would?

Although you may brush these incidences off as pure coincidence, I believe that your thoughts were actually energetic prayers that pulled these situations into existence.

The things we meditate on often materialize in our lives through our perception of events and circumstances. This is seen most often when a person has an emotional expectation of an outcome of a situation and then later realizes that their expectations were true. Your expectations for your lives will ALWAYS be true simply because…

Our thoughts are our prayers.
Our thoughts mirror our expectations for our lives.
Our expectations transform our perception of the events and circumstances we face thereby affecting our reactions and interactions when dealing with the event or circumstance.

When we choose to focus our thoughts on a specific situation or outcome with intense
emotion, we are praying for those thoughts to come true. Ask and you shall receive, says
the Bible. If you believe in the Bible then you should understand that we ask for things by
focusing our attention on them and meditating on them.

But what if it’s a bad thought? I don’t really want those to come true, but they do anyway.

How can I stop it?

How To Pray

When you find yourself becoming sucked in by the negative energy of a fear or negative expected outcome, change your internal conversation. Learn how to make your prayers really work for you. You can do so by:

1) Create a trigger word that immediately shifts your thought process- For example, whenever I found myself offering prayers that were not beneficial to me I would immediately say aloud STOP. This became so commonplace that people thought Iwas weird, which I am, but I’d rather be considered weird then to send out those powerful prayers of doom.

2) Spend time praying your pleasure- There is a beautiful scenario in your mind that
you have never before dared to meditate on. For some reason you don’t believe
you deserve it and you’ve actually talked yourself out of wanting this thing to
happen. You now have my permission to fantasize about this dream of yours.
Fantasize. Dive into it. Wallow in it. Have as much fun as you want. Be playful
with it.

3) Change your conversations- My friends and I used to have these marathon
complaining sessions where we competed to see who was being treated the worst
and whose life was more hopeless. It seemed taboo to discuss anything good. In
fact, when we had good news to share, we usually shared at the END of the
conversation while all the drama was shared first. Subconsciously, I believe that
this led to us re working our perception of events and conversations, just so we
could have something to add to the Doom Fest. Talk about what you want to
happen instead of what you don’t want. You may have to change your friends or
your friends may be receptive enough to grasp what you are learning and join in
the fun of positive prayers and conversations.

4) Turn on the light- Even in the midst of a sticky situation it may seem like a good
idea to sit in the dark, light candles and cry your eyes out, begging God to rescue
you from your current ordeal. Instead, turn on the light, think about what you
would like to happen for 2 minutes and then let go of your negative expectation.
Promise yourself that as long as there is light in the world, your prayers will
reflect that.

Your thoughts are your most effective prayers. Learn how to pray your best life and rejoice as every delightful prayer is answered.

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