Te-Erika’s Diary: Breaking Into the Gym Life

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So. I didn’t mean to but I guess I joined a gym.

Really, after my attempts at becoming a tennis player were thwarted by my lack of ability to find a tennis partner I just wanted to find an activity that I can do alone and still be fit. Sure, I was walking 4 miles a day but I wanted more variety than that.

So I thought about my options and my fears and decided to overcome one of them. I hit google to find a place where I could learn how to swim and I was led to the local YMCA. Although they never returned my emails, I eventually called them to ask questions about the lessons and they told me that they were having a special where there was no signing fee if I signed up before January ended.

I did the math. The lessons were $140 if I was a non member and half if I became a member. There is no contract and I get to use the place as often as I would like.

Um. Joining made perfect sense.

So I did. And I took my tour and was surprised that it was like- a full gym. I have never been a gym member before and never taken swim lessons or even been in a locker room full of naked women. The entire experience was so new to me that I was intrigued.

Honestly, I was trying to avoid the gym life because I felt like people would try to talk to me and we would have nothing in common and it would turn into the same BS that always happens in other social groups where everyone can clearly see that I do not belong there because I don’t fit in anywhere.

But I went and took my first swimming lesson and I actually enjoyed it. Then as I left I inquired about the free training sessions and booked one. I went and met with the trainer and he showed me how to use  some of the weight lifting machines and set me up with an account to track my progress.

The next day I went in and tried it out by myself, doing a full circuit of strength training but keeping it light, only one set per machine. That was cool. Then I tried the famous elliptical that I hear everyone raving about on MyFitnessPal. I did 20 minutes and when I was done, I was dizzy.

Then I went for a quick dip in the training pool to practice my kicks and breathing before my next swimming class. Then I went back the next day and did it again but this time I tried the spinning class.

There is yoga and boxing and something called gravity. There are hikes and courses and so much to explore!

I am simply fascinated by this place. I really hope that no one tries to get to know me and ruins it for me where I don’t want to back.

I feel like I’m not dressed up enough. I wear my regular work out at home clothes but these women dress like they have a workout wardrobe with special shoes for spinning and color coordinated everything.

I bought a lock for my locker.

I have goggles to go swimming.

I honestly feel like I want to go there every day. This week I have. I go early in the morning at 6am before the sun rises and I leave around 7:30 or 8 but later on the days I have spinning class.

I like that I can be by myself as much as I want to but there are still people around. I wish it were closer though, I have to take the subway almost to the other end of the line to get there, maybe I chose the wrong one. But, I feel good having somewhere to go every day.

Now, I have to try to balance my new gym life with my work life. As a writer working from home I have not written anything at all this week since I have been trying out things at the gym. None of my ideas sold to any websites and my head was just spinning from these new experiences.

But you know what? Wanna know what the BEST part of all of this is? Today during spin class I was thinking about what a luxury it is to be able to do all of this. First of all there is a monthly fee to join the YMCA and it is not cheap. But also, if I were the type of person who had a 9 to 5 I would not be able to explore this type of lifestyle so easily.

In my mind I have an image of a woman I wanted to become. She is savvy, self sufficient, strong and fit. She is luxurious, spending her days maintaining her fitness and working on her business goals.

Today, I am living that dream even though it is on a small scale. Imagine. I came to LA to teach how to rebuild your life but I did it thinking that nothing really major would happen to me. But look- I’m rebuilding my life for real. I’m turning into the woman of my dreams slowly but surely.

I am a professional writer. I work from home on my own schedule. I watch what I eat and make healthier choices. I make healthier choices concerning the people I surround myself with. I don’t date anymore so my life is so simple and happy now that I don’t have to complain about a man. I feel good about my body.

I wish I had better clothes but I’m okay for now.

I feel good. I feel good right now.

I can’t believe that I am actually turning my life into something beautiful. It’s happening.


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