You Don’t Have To Scam To Get Ahead In Life

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This is for the women who call themselves savvy because they know certain shortcuts to help make ends meet. This is for the good hearted souls who believe that this is a dog eat dog world and the smartest dog will take the biggest bite.

Please allow me for just one moment to share with a truth that will challenge you but also set you free.

You do not have to scam others to get ahead in life.

You really don’t. Just because you saw your mother gathering coupons, buying unnecessary items at no cost and then returning them for full price, doesn’t mean you have to do it. This is not even about right or wrong. This isn’t even about being judged on judgment day. This is about having a mentality of weakness versus strength.

People who believe in their ability to win in this world because of their talents and skill, do not need to cheat to win. 

You see so many people taking advantage of others, thinking they are somehow smarter because they managed to cheat someone but really all they are saying is- I don’t have the skills or the confidence to survive in this world on my own merits. I am not smart enough. I am not brave enough. I have to cheat because I am not mentally capable of winning on my own.

You do not have to scam others to get ahead in life.

Let the chips fall where they may. Let life happens as it should. There is nothing that can happen to you that will damage you permanently. The only damage that happens is to your pride. To save face you will hurt others just to get ahead in life but the truth is this life is an illusion.

Every time you cheat someone, you are only cheating yourself because we are really all one. Every heart that beats today does so in an orchestrated chorus of souls that chose to be here on earth at this time. What you do to the next person is the same as doing it to yourself because we came from a place where we were not separate.

You chose to be here in this existence because you knew that you could handle it. You have the skills to handle any situation you face without hurting others in the process. You are showing a lack of confidence in yourself when you feel you have to do things like like on applications to get government assistance. charge one race higher prices than you do another race or offer fake products for money.

You may be angry with life for your situation and feel that you should take it out on others by hurting them as much as you are hurting but there is no real reward in hurting others for your benefit because you really are hurting a part of yourself. Hurting someone, or scamming or cheating someone else is like stabbing yourself in the foot so your eye can be the most beautiful part of your body.

You don’t need to do that. You can take a step back and realize that you are actually capable of figuring out how to earn a living or how to make progress without stepping on others and crushing them just to get there. You don’t have to sabotage someone else’s success just so you can have a chance. Your chance will come.

In the end life is not a race anyway. When your time in this world is over, you will not take any of the material goods you acquired and you will not even remember any of the awards you received. None of this matters.

Feed yourself as best as you can. Be a part of the positive part of our collective lives, contribute what you can to the fulfillment of the goals of others. Do not think for one second that you are really so powerless that you can not obtain what your family needs without taking a short cut.

Short cuts don’t last. Easy money flies away quickly. Your children are watching and learning from you. By scamming and cheating others you are teaching them that they are not good enough, smart enough or capable enough to hone their real skills and prosper in life.

You never WIN by hurting others. There is no honor in stealing, scamming or cheating. Every time you do that, you are shouting to the world- I AM WEAK. You may receive honor on the outside but you know you’re a fraud every time you look in the mirror.

BE strong. Move ahead.

Learn the skills for survival that you need to get by and do not be afraid to lose. The measurement of ‘success’ in this world has nothing to do with the real success of your life. In fact, the measurement of success in this life can be equated to dressing up paper dolls. How valuable were those clothes?

The real success in this life is the knowledge that you operated fully in your power and made shit happen without underselling your abilities by taking the fast route.

Forgive yourself. Make a different choice next time. Walk in the mental power you were born with. Move forward.


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