Te-Erika’s Diary: The Internet Is In My Hand

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Ooooh Weeeee!!

My phone died this weekend.

RIP. =(

I was soo sad because my phone was the ish, baby! I have Metro PCS and I love it because it’s only $40 a month and whenever my phone dropped and broke into pieces all I had to do was put it back together again and it worked! I loved my phone!

But I guess its true that nothing is permanent so after a year of having the BEST PHONE EVER I had to buy a new phone and I decided to go ahead and buy my very first smart phone.

$50 a month! Geesh! That’s a bit much but guess what? It is sooo worth it because I now have THE INTERNET IN MY HAND.


Like, they might just have to fire me at work because the internet AKA my BFF for life is right in my hands and I can’t stop checking it.

I can watch Youtube videos!

I can check ALL my email accounts!

I can actually SEE the pictures people send me!

I can’t believe I have been missing out for so long. I’m in love all over again.

I have the Samsung Admire. Ok, I know it’s not the iPhone but hold up, I am an entrepreneur and I invest my money wisely so whatever, but THIS phone. OMG! I can do everything!

Now, if only it came with a pair of strong hands to rub on me and a vibrator.

A girl can only wish!


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