Te-Erika’s Playground: Introductions

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So here we go again.

I am re introducing myself to those who do not yet know me. For many who have been following my personal blog- Share My World- you have followed my life adventures for the past 8 years. This new spot won’t be much different although I must warn you that I am NOT your typical personal development coach; I have issues too and I am not afraid to write about them. I have weaknesses too and I am not afraid to explore them. I have big dreams too and I am not afraid to lose everything in the pursuit of them.

If you knew who I was before, you would better appreciate the woman I am now. I used to be so negative, weak minded and sad but now I am quite the opposite. No, I’m not Ms Happy Go Lucky everyday but for the most part I am indifferent about things so the sob filled posts my other blog used to hold don’t happen often.

Who am I? I don’t know yet.

I am a woman evolving. Right now I would say that I am a 32 year old mother of two young sons ages 9 and 11. They live with their Dad and have lived with them for the past 5 years and I don’t feel sad about it. They are doing very well. My sons are the most awesome boys in the world. They teach me so much about life and love and they love me the most perfectly out of everyone I know.

I love to delve into my own personal issues and climb out of them, teaching you how to do so along the way. Transparency is my biggest strength and my biggest weakness. I usually write when I am feeling emotional. Since I don’t have many friends, blogging is the way for me to dissect the feelings I am experiencing and objectify them so I can release detachment to them.

I am extremely smart in a diabolical type of way. I make strategic moves in everything that I do and even when it seems that I am losing, I am really just biding my time. My objective is not to always WIN but to be treated with respect. Winning isn’t that important to me. I’ve won so many times in my life that I already know what it feels like and it’s not as big of a rush as it once was.

What makes my heart jump these days is launching a new endeavor. Each time I have a new idea my blood rushes and I get that tingly “I’m in love” feeling. My ideas are becoming bigger and bolder as I become older and I go after the completion of these ideas as though the word ‘No’ doesn’t exist. Even when I hear the word ‘No’ I feel sorry for the other person because they won’t get to benefit from my great idea.

I figure this world is a playground and I’m all in to see what kind of fun I can have. So follow along with me as I share the details behind what it takes to run this website that inspires and helps women all around the world, go after my dreams and still try to balance my evolution. I don’t know what I’m becoming but I’m sure it’s something great. Even if it’s not, oh well.

Man, I learned so much about desire and expectations last year. This year, I’m cool and calm, doing things I love, but not stressing that they produce big results. Anyway, I gotta go.

I’ll update often. I always have lots to say and I’m a risk taker so it’s a very colorful life I lead. I won’t try to impress you or be your role model. Learn with me. Learn from me. Or just laugh at me.

You won’t want to miss a post!


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