Remedies For Common Ailments

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Over the years while struggling as a student, single mother and waitress I often found myself without health insurance. I had to be really creative to combat typical illnesses until I could save enough to see a doctor. I want to share my remedies with you. I hope they help.



I find that my head starts aching when I have not drank enough water. Smoking incessantly and drinking soft drinks contribute to the headaches too. When I have a headache I have to take the time to drink a couple of glasses of water and simply lay down in the dark. I relax my mind and massage the aching part of my head until my body relaxes.


Cold & Flu

When my body is aching and I feel like I’m about to fall down even while I’m sitting down, I force myself to go to the store to buy a packet of Theraflu. I buy the powder version and after I drink it dissolved in a glass of warm water I feel like I have been kissed by an angel.


I had a bad case of diarrhea once and I read somewhere online that if I drank a capful of apple cider vinegar it would suppress it so I could go out and run errands. I tried it and it WORKED. I was able to go out for 3 hours with no problem until I could afford to go to the doctor and see what was going on in my body.

Sore Throat

When my son has a sore throat he doesn’t want to eat anything; even soup irritates him. Because I want him to eat to keep up his strength, I discovered that chilled fruits like pineapple slices, peaches and frozen grapes don’t irritate his throat and he was able to stay nourished while he was sick.


When I have a toothache and I can not afford to go to the dentist I go out and buy a bottle of Dr. Tichenor’s Antiseptic Mouthwash. It is purchased in a concentrated formula so you will have to dilute it to use it as a mouthwash. But, when my tooth is aching very badly, I pour a cap-ful into my mouth and hold it over the infected/aching tooth and it numbs the pain right away. It also works to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and insect bites.


For My Savvy Sisters: Do you have any fast relief remedies for illnesses to share?

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