PERFECTION- According To Beyonce

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Beyonce. The word is a proper noun and a statement.

It is a statement of perfection. As perfect as a clear glass window. But why is Beyonce’s name linked to perfection? How does Beyonce’s life and lifestyle represent what today’s society equates to a woman’s perfection? Let me count the ways.

1. Beyonce is only LINKED to sleeping with one man in her life. Which we know isn’t true but she’s great at keeping up appearances. If a woman wants to be considered perfect by Beyonce’s standards, she must be pure and virginal until marriage.

2. Beyonce avoids drama and bad publicity. That is mostly accredited to her being so protective of her privacy. We all know Bey is a shade queen and her songs Survivor and Bow Down have proved that. For publicity’s sake, Bey is always very poised and never off her game. She knows how to answer uncomfortable questions or she simply doesn’t answer them. If a woman wants to be considered perfect by Beyonce’s standards, she must never admit a flaw and work diligently to portray a flawless image.

3. Beyonce was a Daddy’s Girl (at least until he cheated on Tina). Being Daddy’s little girl always added to her innocent sweet persona. If you want to be perfect, according to Beyonce, you should be devoted to your Daddy and no one else.

4. Bey knows how to be sexy without being slutty. Bey is a Virgo the Virgin of the zodiac and people look at her as being very chaste and wholesome even when she is singing about sex. She is somehow able to do refer to sex acts in a very acceptable way that people don’t look at as slutty. If you want to be perfect like Beyonce, you have to know how to be a bad girl, in a good way.

5. She is beautiful and from what we know hasn’t had any plastic surgery work done, which I’m not sure of but we cant tell. If you want to be perfect like Beyonce, you have to be born beautiful and flawless.

6. Beyonce is successful and did it all on her own with the help of her father’s Joseph Jackson style management and her mothers homemade outfits. People look at Bey and think about how she started and they love it because Bey didn’t become famous like Rihanna with the backing of a rap star. She started out small and went far on her father’s label. If a woman wants to be perfect, by Beyonce’s standards, she needs to have a visible track record of work toward her success.

7. Most recently Beyonce is a mother and while we don’t see much of her on the parenting side, women with kids think she’s super woman. I would disagree because Bey has people taking care of her daughter so she can work and be Beyonce. If she was a single mother or stay at home mom one woman show with just her doing it all I would be more impressed. But for now people admire her as a woman who can do it all. If you want to achieve perfection, according to Beyonce, you need to handle all of life’s milestones in stilettos.

8. Even if everything we know about Bey is fake, staged or rehearsed, I give her credit for being a child star that never had a breakdown, was never linked to a bunch of men or involved in a ton of drama. People hate her but there isn’t really any feud that she has willingly participated in or even entertained. People say what they want and it seems like she is just on a cloud somewhere too high up to hear them. She never even responds she comes out sings goes back to whatever hole she hides in until her next show or album.  If you are trying to achieve perfection like Beyonce, you need to hold your head high and never let them see you sweat.

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