SUCCESS: The Issa Rae Way

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By Te-Erika Patterson

Success for Issa Rae the creator of the web based series Awkward Black Girl, didn’t happen as a stroke of luck. She has now partnered with famed Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes to present a new series, I Hate LA Dudes on ABC.

What led to Issa Rae’s success? The answer is simple- she did the work.

Now living in LA and running The Artists Might, my indie artist resource blog, I have come across so many artists who are looking for their big break. They go to bed at night praying that someone will notice their good looks and talent. They sigh in frustration as the partnership they hoped for falls through. They are missing the one thing that sets them apart from those who make it and those who do.

In order to be a success in anything you must BE the success that you see. Begin right now.

If you want to be a teacher go and teach.
If you say you are a television writer, write a script and produce it.

You can not wait for someone to believe in you when you have nothing for them to believe in. CREATE YOUR OWN opportunity by DOING the thing that you believe you are gifted to do RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait to get paid. Don’t wait for the fancy equipment. Look around you and transform the tools you have into the tools you need to create the life you want.

This is how Issa Rae created her success. She didn’t sit around feeling sad about her life, wishing for a chance; she did the work. She created Awkward Black Girl and had something to hold up for the world to see.

CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITY by doing what you love right now with what you have. Do it and keep doing it, improving along the way. The rest will fall into place.


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