Hello, I Am An Adult With Autism

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Hello, I am adult with autism.  It is a mild form of autism called Aspergers Syndrome. As we become acquainted I would like to explain a few things to you so that you will not misinterpret my interactions.

I am a fun loving and happy person. I am extremely talented and focused on achieving my goals.  I enjoy dancing, singing karaoke and writing stories. Although I may appear to be just like everyone else, when I interact socially I am not. This leads people to think that I am weird or rude or not a good person when in fact, I am a truly understanding and helpful individual. When I am interacting socially I have trouble looking people in the eyes when I meet them and making small talk is very difficult for me because I don’t know who you are or what to ask you that will not make you uncomfortable. I care about your comfort level in my presence and my silence is a gift to you so that you can share what you would like or nothing at all. I am not easily able to share my passions and interests with others because most do not understand or appreciate my specialized interests. I have goals that I have set for myself and I enjoy focusing on achieving them with very little distraction.

If you see me at a social event and I am standing by myself, I am fine. I enjoy going out to see the beautiful people and watch everyone have fun because my idea of fun is simply watching others interact. I do not desire attention or admiration from others. My idea of fun is being exposed to a new experience and being allowed to enjoy the experience at my own level of comfort which usually means cautiously. I do have friends but you will usually see me alone because my friends understand that I do not like socializing in groups or being socially obligated. I much prefer one on one in

I am often overwhelmed emotionally by loud social activities, bright lights and attention. After such an event I will need a break to be alone and recover. I experience anxiety and panic attacks if I am in a social situation that I can not take a break from. None of these personality traits have anything to do with how I feel about you personally so please do not be offended if you see me walk away or I do not engage with you in the way that you would hope.

The best method of contacting me is email because I can take the time to express my thoughts without feeling pressured to ‘not be weird’. I can be very direct and honest with my opinions and the research says it is because I do not understand social cues and body language or the impact my tone and speech will have on another individual. 

I apologize in advance if I offend you. I don’t mean to be rude at all. The way I communicate with you is just a bit different. I would appreciate it if you were direct and upfront with me as well because I won’t typically understand a hint or social gesture. If you allow me the space to be myself and to engage with you in a way that is most comfortable to me, I will feel more at ease when I interact with you and my anxiety may ease up a bit. Thank you for taking the time to read this. These traits do not impact my ability to perform professionally or potentially be one of the most cherished people in your life.

I look forward to offering you the assistance you need.


All my best wishes for a beautiful day!

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