My Savvy Sister Is….Fierce

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My Savvy Sisters are identified by distinct characteristics. We will explore these characteristics one at a time to help you draw from within yourself these remarkable ideals.

My Savvy Sister is FIERCE!

She is a force to be heard and seen. She walks with her head high because she recognizes the power within.

She has a strength that denies definition and a gracefulness that is unmatched. She is everything that every woman admires and she is not afraid to shine.

She has a beauty that shines from her core and all the corners of the earth bow to her command. She knows what she wants and often gets it because she is not afraid to ask.

She is a striking mother and a devoted friend. When people meet her they are often intimidated by her sense of self and they wonder who gave her that power.

She is a magic creation and she knows it. She loves every part of her be~ing simply because she never has to back down when confronted with obstacles, she is resourceful enough to stand tall and let things be.

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