Women Who Love Themselves Take Selfies

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The ‘selfie’ a self portrait taken with a handheld camera, usually a camera phone and shared online for others to see has become a staple in our era. It’s actually more than merely a staple of our time, it’s more like a declaration of self love.

Whenever a woman is feeling particularly attractive, she will whip out her camera and take a few shots choosing the best one to share on social media sites declaring to the world: I look damn good today.

Women who love themselves take selfies. Women who feel good about how they look share selfies on the web. It’s not about vanity or a cry for attention or a lack of self esteem. In the moment that a woman takes a photo of herself and shares it, she’s giving herself a stamp of approval which is really all the validation she needs.

Sherinee Johnson of Memphis, Tennessee doesn’t upload selfies frequently but when she does, it’s because she is feeling proud of herself from the inside out.

“I post selfies because, can’t nobody love me like me,” Sherinee says.

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