Lower Your Cell Phone Bill Instantly

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We all have them- Those bills that are on auto refill. Every month we are dishing out a wad of cash for cable, our cell phone bills or subscriptions to things that we feel we need.

The truth is, we don’t NEED them, but we do deserve luxury because we put in the work to play. You can reduce your bills each month and I will tell you how.

I used to work for a pharmaceutical company. We produced pills that customers would buy from our infomercials. Once the customers signed up for the special ‘buy one get one free’ offer we would auto bill them each month at a much higher rate. I didn’t work in the inbound sales department so I’m not sure if it was those sales people who misled the customers into thinking that introductory rate was the fixed rate, but I sure got an earful on a regular basis from customers who were shocked to find their bills had skyrocketed and automatically deducted from their accounts.

I worked in customer retention, which means that if a customer called in to cancel their account I had to do anything to get them not to. I received a commission from each customer who didn’t cancel. These were called SAVES. I could offer them a ridiculously low rate, give them free products or even suspend their accounts. It was all at my discretion depending upon how insistent the customer was about canceling.

If you want to lower your cell phone bill or your cable bill or your subscription, all you have to do is:

1) Call up the company and ask to cancel.

2) When they give you a price reduction offer, refuse it.

3) Refuse it again.

4) Ask for the rock bottom rate and when they say ‘This is it’- take it.

5) Call back the next day to cancel. A new representative will take your call and lower your rate again.

Companies will do anything to keep your money coming in. Take advantage of this. Get all of your bills lowered instantly.

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