Te-Erika’s Diary: Shit I’m Thankful For

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So tonight I’m sitting in my bed and I’m smiling and thinking about some of the shit I’m thankful for. I’ll share!

I’m thankful for the fact that I can make decisions independently without needing a consensus.

Kinda thankful for being old enough to not feel ashamed of my quirks.

Thankful for my sons being trained how to take care of themselves by their awesome Dad.

Thankful for being able to talk to my Mama everyday.

Thankful for my internet connection.

Thankful for not needing people around me to have fun.

Thankful knowing that I’ve worked hard for my dreams to come true but even if they don’t, I’ll be okay.

Thankful for my sons for being so happy in life. It’s amazing to see.

Thankful for being able to watch my friends grow with their family.

Thankful for my legs.

Thankful I’m not ugly.

Thankful for my ability to write and make money doing that.

Thankful for the path I’ve walked and the people who have changed me along the way.

Thankful for not being a follower or needing followers.

Thankful for surviving in LA for so long.

Thankful for the bravery to try new things and risk failure.

Thankful for all the people who have hurt me.

Thankful for Kanye and his crazy journey that inspires me.

Thankful for knowing- nothing can break me.

I can take anything. And push through.

Oh and I’m grateful for you. Thanks for reading.

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