Te-Erika’s Diary: What’s On My Bookshelf?

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So after beginning the Rebuild Your Life Project where I gave away everything that I owned to explore complete failure, I gave away all of my books. Since moving to LA, I have purchased a few books and if you’re curious to what they are here they are and a little story about each one.


Bhagavad Gita Te-ErikaBhagavad Gita: As It Is

I was walking in downtown LA when a monk approached me to offer this book to me for free. I took the book. I have heard of it before but I have not read it yet.


Everything A Woman Wants to Hear Te-ErikaEverything A Woman Wants To Hear First Thing In The Morning

I was at the LA Women’s Expo and I met the author of this book and after thumbing through it, I actually liked it a LOT and I purchased it. I do read it whenever I think of it, and it always makes me feel a little happy inside.


The Gift Understand Your Psychic Abilities Te-ErikaThe Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities

A man I met in Long Beach told me about this book. I read it and the first half annoyed me because I had already read that information before but the second half was more interesting because it had exercises to do to practice your psychic abilities which is something I want to learn to do.


What Would You Do If You Had No Fear Te-ErikaWhat Would You Do If You Had No Fear

I was riding the Blue Line train and a man got on with a box of books and pictures. He proceeded to announce each book and explain its value and I went to his box and purchased this book for a dollar just because of the title.


David and Goliath Te-ErikaDavid and Goliath

This book is amazing. I saw that Malcolm Gladwell was going to do a LIVE TALK in LA and I immediately purchased a ticket to hear him speak. I went to the LIVE TALK, had him autograph my book and when I read it I learned so much about how being a misfit and having setbacks can help push you further instead of hinder you.


super-brain-power-6-keys Te-ErikaSuper Brain Power

This book is taking me a very long time to read. Maybe that is because I am used to creating content instead of reading it but I bought this book the same day I bought the other book on the Blue Line train from Long Beach. It had exercises to help strengthen mental muscles and stories of how people use language skills to improve their experiences among so much more!


The Giver Te-ErikaThe Giver

I bought this book after my 13-year-old son told me he was reading it in his 8th grade class. Although he didn’t like it, the way he described it made me interested. I read this book in less than 3 hours and it has impacted me in such a strong way. I have never forgotten the premise and I find myself thinking about it quite often, especially the “stirrings” and the “release” portion of this book.


Good Self Bad Self Te-ErikaGood Self, Bad Self

 After I heard about the show Scandal, which I’ve only seen once, I wanted to know more about the woman it was based on. I ordered this book and am reading it right now whenever I ride the subway. For the most part, I am not learning anything new but I am in the business of helping people move through personal crisis. However, for the lay person, I believe this book will be extremely helpful in reconciling your issues and moving forward in life after trauma. This book confirms for me that I handle things in a smart way and I am offering excellent advice to women going through crisis. I would recommend it.

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