How To Overcome Fear in 3 Steps

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There’s a nagging sensation in your mind that something bad is going to happen. People say that you are ‘being negative’ and they tell you to think positive but that hasn’t worked for you so far. You’re afraid to go about your daily life because you just feel that you are going to be hurt, taken advantage of, injured or even that you may die. You don’t know how to overcome fear and it is ruining your life. There is only one way that I know of that will help you to overcome fear and I will teach you how to do it today.

Any fear you have is really a negative expectation that you have created for your life. You are exercising your faith. You have faith in what you perceive to be a bad thing coming true.

Why do you have this negative expectation? It could be that you have experienced something similar in the past and it was so traumatic that you try to safeguard yourself from experiencing it again. It could be that someone close to you experienced this situation and you saw how devastating it was in their lives.

Let me be the first to shatter your fears.

The thing you fear most will probably never happen, but even if it does it will not break you.

If you have experienced this trauma before and you have survived to find this article this means that you are an overcomer and you have conquered that experience. If you have done it once, you can do it again. If this is an experience that has hindered the life of someone you care for, you have to understand that their reaction or interpretation of the event does not have to mirror yours. Just because they believed their divorce would ruin their life and they allowed that to happen, does not mean that it will have the same affect on your life. Some people know how to turn trash into treasure and some people simply accept the trash and hold onto it.

If you really want to learn how to over fear you can follow these 3 steps.

1. Accept the fear

This thing you fear could very well happen. For the sake of this argument let’s say that it will. You don’t know when and you don’t know how, but the thing you fear will come to pass. Now that you’re not caught up in wondering if it will happen, you can relax and get ready for it.

2. Prepare for the fear

Since you have now accepted that this thing could happen, what can you do about it? No, I’m not talking about trying to prevent it from happening, I’m talking about dealing with the aftermath of this ‘tragic’ event. If you fear being hurt physically, you can take measures to make sure you have adequate insurance and options for healing yourself or you can take self defense classes to offer yourself some protection. If you fear being alone, you can learn how to enjoy spending time alone. If you fear death you can study and learn meditation which in my opinion is the same as death. If you fear someone leaving you, you can learn to love that person but also learn to be dependent on yourself. If you fear losing everything, study the people who live in poverty and learn their survival methods.

If your ‘worst case’ scenario came true, you don’t have to be caught off guard, prepare yourself so that you can make the transition easier.

3. Face the fear

This step will take an extreme amount of bravery. On the smallest level that you can, I want you to make the fear come true. If you fear losing someone, spend some time away from them. If you fear an animal, try to find one and spend time with it. If you fear being hurt physically, train in a physical sport or activity that will involve you using your muscle like football or surfing. If you fear losing everything, start by giving away some of the things you love the most. If you fear death, don’t kill yourself, but think about what you will miss most about life and give yourself permission to remove these things from your life for a brief time.

Face the fear.

Once you are prepared to handle your worst fear, you have experienced it on some level and you can accept that  the fear coming true won’t break you, you will be fearless.

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