Te-Erika’s Diary: Weight Loss Woes

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Look. I don’t want to be one of those women that feel like something is wrong with them because they gained weight. In fact, when I see women who are bigger than skinny and they are well put together, I feel like they are beautiful by how they carry themselves.

But as I see my weight gain, I don’t feel beautiful like them. This is crazy to me because I can see the changes in my face and mid section. Maybe if I didn’t REMEMBER how thin I was and see pictures of myself all the time JUST LAST YEAR and I was so much thinner it wouldn’t bother me but I don’t feel typically beautiful these days.

I feel sexy. That was a long time coming because I never felt sexy before, but for some reason, with my new IUD I feel like a sex goddess. LOL I still haven’t had sex since it was inserted but I’m sure I’ll get to take it for a test drive.

I’m almost 35. Maybe this is my transition from being a young woman to being a woman. Maybe skinny or thin isn’t the ONLY look I’ll have for my life. Maybe if I had nicer clothes I’d feel prettier. I swear, whenever I see bigger bodied women looking sooo pretty I always admire them.

I’m still working out every day with Shaun T’s Rockin Body. After my first week my jeans shorts fit looser but now during the 3rd week they are tight again. Could it be the cookies, the cereal or the grits?

Te-Erika BEFORE BODY pictures December 2013

Te-Erika During Week 3 of Rockin Body.

I don’t want my life to be about what I weigh. I want it to be about what I have to offer the world and my sons. I’ll keep working out and learning more about fitness because it delights me to do so, and whatever my results are, that will have to be fine with me.

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