"I Don’t Get Jealous" Plus 9 Other Facts You Didn’t Know About Penelope Trunk

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If you haven’t had the chance to be introduced to Penelope Trunk, allow me to be the first to blow your mind. Not only is she one of the top bloggers EVER, holding a firm position among the big boys in the male dominated blogosphere as the number one career blogger, she is also an opinion leader teaching the world what the new voice of Generation ‘Z’ sounds like and um, it actually sounds a bit gravelly.

I was taken aback by the coarseness of Penelope’s voice when I spoke with her during this interview; part Wicked Witch of the West, part Grandma warning you to shut the screen door before flies get in. This completely goes against the chirping birds and lullabies I hear when I see her picture and read her beautifully written stories, but then again, every woman I have met who has ever held the title of CEO has the same ‘time is money’ tone when offering their insight.

Who is Penelope Trunk? Meet the career blogger who annoyed the hell out of women by writing articles that challenge conventional wisdom like Why Living Up To Your Potential is BS or Doing What You Love Is a Bad Idea and let’s just banish her to her lovely farm forever for telling us Don’t Report Sexual Harrassment At Work, shall we? I’m kidding. Although Penelope’s ideas shake the average thinker from their waking slumber by adding a dose of realism, her writing voice is soft enough to lull a harsh day. Her generous advice about being a brazen careerist in this zoinked out world is delivered with a hearty pat on the rear.

Penelope is a coveted speaker who travels the country offering business leaders and hopeful entrepreneurs insight into how we will shape the future of our workforce. She offers coaching sessions for those who need a helpful push in a new direction. She is also the best selling author of The Brazen Careerist; The New Rules For Success and have I mentioned that she is married to a farmer, a man she met through her blog. ~winning~

I didn’t need background info on Penelope because there is already so much out there about the self diagnosed start-up addict, so I did the next best thing. I asked her to share 10 things that no one knows about Penelope Trunk.

This is how the conversation went.

Te-Erika: Hi, this is Te-Erika from MySavvySisters. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview.
Penelope: Yes.

Te-Erika: Um. Well, let’s get right to it then. I have enough background info so I thought I’d get 10 facts that no one knows about you.
Penelope: Do I have to come up with them?

Te-Erika: No. I have a list of questions.
Penelope: Oh, Ok. Go ahead.

Te-Erika: Ok, so what’s the worst thing about being in love with a farmer?
Penelope: That I have to live so far away from the city.

Te-Erika: What’s your favorite style of underwear?
Penelope: Clean.

Te-Erika: When no one’s looking, what do you eat?
Penelope: I don’t eat in front of people. So, everything.

Te-Erika: Yeah, um. If you could be any celebrity for a day, who would you be?
Penelope: This is about as celebrity as I can handle. Getting recognized once a week is already overwhelming enough.

Te-Erika: Are you going to heaven or hell?
Penelope: No. Jews don’t believe in that. Jews think everyone is good.

Te-Erika: Something you’re afraid of?
Penelope: Sounding stupid in a phone interview.

Te-Erika: The last excuse you gave?
Penelope: I messed up my schedule.

Te-Erika: Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Penelope: That’s such a stupid question. I can’t answer. What does that question have to do with who I am?

Te-Erika: How you respond when someone asks you a stupid question says a lot about who you are.
Penelope: Hm. You’re right. Go on.

Te-Erika: You get jealous when…?
Penelope: I don’t get jealous, I have self hatred. Self hatred is a more honest form of jealousy.

Te-Erika: In your next lifetime, you will probably come back as a…?
Penelope: What?! I’m Jewish. Jews get one chance. That’s why Jews make so much money. We only get one chance, we can’t do it again in the next life.

To learn more about My Savvy Sister of the Week, Penelope Trunk, please visit her blog at PenelopeTrunk.Com.

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