How To Interpret Your Dreams

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Did you wake up from a weird dream confused by the images that you saw? Did you visit various websites to check the symbols and their definitions in order to make sense of what happened during your dream life?

The truth is, no one can interpret your dreams better than you can. Your dream world is highly personal and each scenario that you encounter has a meaning that only you can decipher. If you really want to know what your dream means try answering these questions?

1. What is happening in your waking life that you wish would be different?
Your dreams may be an indication of your secret wishes for yourself.

2. How does the dream make you feel when you wake up?
Sometimes the symbols in your dreams have nothing to do with what the dream is trying to teach you. Often, the emotional state you are in when you awake from a dream is the dominant message you can take away from the dream. If you are confused when you wake up, you may be feeling the same way about an issue in your life and it needs to be confronted.

3. What are your best wishes for your life?
Since you are the author of your life, which means you have the power to give definitions to the situations and people you encounter, you can decide for yourself what your dreams mean. If you see a beautiful shoe in your dream, you can decide for yourself what that symbol means. You can say, “I saw a shoe in my dream and that means that it is time for me to move on in life” or “I saw a shoe in my dream so that means that I have a beautiful surprise coming my way.” Even a horrible dream can be interpreted to mean that you have faced your worst nightmare in your dreams and you won’t have to experience it in your waking life.

You have the ultimate power over the meaning of your dreams. Choose good definitions. Your dreams only have the definitions that you give them.

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