How to be a Fabulous and Sexy Plus Size Woman

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When Venessia Randle enters a room all eyes are without a doubt on her. Her curves demand attention and men are all too willing to take notice of her full hips and enticing legs standing on fabulous, sexy high heels. Venessia refuses to let her figure compromise her sassy style and infectious personality. This 30 something Mississippi diva wants you to know that being a plus size woman should never overshadow your wardrobe or your love life.

When Venessia started her blog Style4Curves her goal was to show plus size women around the world that they can embrace their curves and accentuate their beauty with bright colors, prints and just about anything else their heart or imagination desires. She hoped to inspire plus size women to be more confident, bold and fearless without hiding behind oversized clothing.

Being bold and confident isn’t a new thing for Venessia.  As a freshmen in high school her looks brought all the boys to the yard and she was known for her stylish clothing. Thinking back to the early days Venessia remembers shopping trips with her mother who passed on a sophisticated fashion sense that most girls her age had yet to grasp.

“My favorite things to wear were high heels, skirts that showed a lot of leg and fitted jeans.” she recalls “Not very many girls in my school wore heels to class everyday so I definitely stood out among my peers.”

Today Venessia is using her blog and her eye for fashion to help women of all ages embrace their beauty. Recently one of her readers (a 13 year old girl) reached out to her asking for advice and suggestions on something that she could wear for a recital. She was in need of something that made her feel beautiful but also something that was age appropriate.

“I promptly replied back with several links to different dresses that I thought would be appropriate for a 13 year old.” she shares “She was overjoyed and told me that she would always come back to me if she needed help. Moments like those keep me going, knowing that I can be a positive influence on anyone especially a young teen makes the endless hours I spend working on my blog worthwhile.

Being a glamorous plus size woman of course comes with its share of criticism, but Venessia insists that being plus size has never made her feel anything less than beautiful. During her last year of college  venessia started to notice her weight gain but and it never made her feel ashamed, in fact he still continued to receive compliments from both men and women.

“It was tough at first getting adjusted to my new body,” she shares. “But, because I was always confident no one could make me feel inferior just because I put on a few extra pounds. I never stopped feeling beautiful.”

Since college Venessia has met and married the love of her life, however she shared that even before him she never had a problem with dating as a plus sized woman. Most of the men that she has attracted have been tall, slim, career oriented and educated. Size has never given her slim pickings in the dating department.

Making healthy choices and staying active are a regular part of Venessia’s lifestyle. Being a plus size woman doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care about her health or being fit.

“I don’t diet but I do try to make healthy eating choices a majority of the time. I exercise 3-4 times a week to stay toned, healthy and prevent myself from weight related diseases.” Venessia insists. “I have nothing against weight loss or getting healthier, I think it is amazing. I just choose for now to accept my body the way it is while working on getting healthier.”

Venessia believes that a woman’s spirit is what makes her truly beautiful. Take a beautiful spirit and mix it in with a little leopard print, big hair and super high heels and you create a vivacious trademarked beauty.

Plus size woman sexy BBW

Venessia Young, Fashonista at Style4Curves

How can you be sexy at any size? Venessia shares how to do it.

  1. Dress the part. No matter what size you are own it. Wear dresses and outfits that flatter your curves and don’t be afraid to strut your stuff. Don’t let insecurity stop you from being sexy. Embrace and love your body.
  2. Understand that beauty comes from within.  Remember that your outward appearance is only a preview to the woman that you truly are. Dressing the part only truly works if you feel the part.
  3. Pay attention to your body and health. Being a plus size woman does NOT mean that you have to throw caution to the wind in terms of your health and fitness. Workout and make healthy eating choices when possible. It will make you feel confident that you are being your best self.

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