When Did Pubic Hair Go Out of Style?

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Have you ever stood in the shower holding your disposable razor and engage in a moment of wonder as you contemplate- Why am I doing this?

Sure, we all know that shaving your pubic hair is more hygienic and to most a shaved pubic area is more attractive but WHY is it more attractive to look like a child down there? When was this social norm created?

In brief, according to a variety of websites and folklore, the removal of pubic hair has been prevalent since ancient times. At first the removal of hair from the vagina was a symbol of class and culture and its practice became a social norm as lower classes imitated those they admired.

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Eventually, the removal of pubic hair became a more private act. The only women who admitted to doing this were prostitutes who used it as a symbol to their customers that they were clean and free of lice. As pornography became more mainstream, women’s bodies were studied and put on display for the world to see. For a more up front and personal glimpse at the sexual organs, the pubic hair had to be removed.

Once women began to see that the other women in porn were clean shaven they imitated this look and men began to expect it and praise it. A clean shaven vagina became a symbol of sexual readiness and desire. It’s antithesis, the outgrown bush of pubic hair became a symbol of defiance against a male dominated society. The full grown pubic bush tells men: I don’t care what you want.

So what do we make of this social norm now that it is without a doubt, completely expected from all women who wish to remain tasteful? Even men are joining the depilatory party and manscaping their groins to look more appealing to women. Hairless armpits, hairless backs, chins, vaginas, legs and arms have all become the norm. The obvious question is: If hair removal was once a sign of being feminine, why are men doing it now?

Maybe our desire to have smooth, hairless skin that is completely flawless has become reminiscent of youth and equal to capturing the essence of beauty. In doing so, this means if we don’t remove every strand of hair below our nostrils, we aren’t really women, we’re ugly, undesirable, pseudo lesbian hags.

It’s all vanity in my opinion. Anyone in a long term relationship knows that as long as you’re clean and odor-free whether you have hair or not doesn’t really matter. What matters most is what is hiding behind the hair. Who throws away the piggy bank because it has a little dust on it?

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I guess this whole pubic manicure idea is for the kids who are still trying to snag a mate. People feel they need to do something in order to increase their chances of attracting a partner. They can’t leave it up to chance and personality; they have to put forth their best effort. It’s also a part of the peacocking process of showing off your goods to incite attraction. In that case, have fun and good luck!

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