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The Purse Pixie

“My first purse was clear plastic with rainbow hearts on it,” Nanci Mackey recalled as she laughed. “I used to carry it around my house filled with lip smackers, coloring books and a giant pencil. I loved it.” From falling in love at first with her clear plastic purse sight to her own fashion blog The Purse Pixie, which has blossomed into a full-time business, Mackey is proud to be among the fashion bloggers people trust.

“There was definitely a hole in the market regarding the information readers could get,” Mackey remembered. “ I love all purses but most people can’t afford to get the type of purses they want to get like Louis Vuitton and there are lots of purses out there from lesser known designers that are just as well made and just as nice.”

While The Purse Pixie herself manages rental properties with her husband in Asheville, North Carolina, she has connected with readers across the globe since 2009 as she offers a strong editorial content as well as an opportunity for lesser known designers to be spotlighted. She recommends Etsy, an online marketplace where up and coming designers and artists can sell their wares to the public. “We’re trying to involve Etsy in our blog more by showcasing products by unknown people who really have a talent for design,” she said.

The Purse Pixie offers hand bag give-aways, updates on the latest sales as well as a complete history of the handbag. “Part of being savvy is being prepared,” Mackey offered. “ A lot of people see their purse as their survival kit. It is important to have a purse that’s functional and can carry the things you need. The right purse helps make you look put-together. It’s something that’s overlooked sometimes but it’s an important part of your look.”

Mackey admits to switching purses often but lately she’s in love with a Longchamp Le Pliage bag in the graphite color. “I love it because the bag is so light and it is easy to clean if something gets spilled,” she said.

You can read all about The Purse Pixie’s latest loves on her blog.

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