Savvy Blogger We Love- Serenity 23

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Serenity23 is a single mom and insurance adjuster who picked up and moved to a new city sight unseen and started a new career. Much of her life transition has been captured in her blog Serenity 23.

I have been blogging since spring of 2005. I LOVE blogging because it gives me a written record of the growth in my life. It also allows me to invite others to follow along my life path and watch me set goals, grow, reach those goals and just enjoy life. I hope that other women who read my blog leave feeling inspired that they can do anything that they set their minds too and that my blog is like a family. I also show that I am constantly working on my spiritual walk and while I have stumbles and falls, I’m always right back up trying to be and do better,” she said.

Serenity23 believes everyone has to create their own life path, “Being savvy to me means that I set a goal and it may involve networking, stepping out and taking some risks, finding a support group or a mentor, but I use all my resources to help me reach that goal.”

We love Serenity 23 because she is a dedicated blogger, mother and life enthusiast. You can follow her journey and appreciation for wine, shoes and natural hair by going to

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