Savvy Blogger We Love- Laurel Delaney (Escape From Corporate America)

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Laurel Delaney

Zodiac Sign: Western Libra
Chinese: Horse

If you haven’t heard of Laurel Delaney, you’re definitely missing out. She is the pied piper of the blogging world leading women away from the constraints of the cubicle with her blog Escape From Corporate America. While she describes herself as, “Happily married. A good daughter, caring sibling, respected and trusted business colleague and a friend to many,” My Savvy Sisters wanted to know a bit more about the woman leading this revolution and how blogging has changed her life.

“Blogging is a great way to express yourself,” she explained. “I have been blogging since 2004. The women who love our blog simply want to Escape From Corporate America and eventually create their own destiny be it through starting a business or fueling a passion which might be a hobby that can be turned into a business. The bottom line is this: women want freedom, flexibility, recognition, more money, and opportunities to leave a legacy — all the things they once thought they would find within corporations and haven’t. That’s why starting a business is appealing to the vast majority of women right now, especially during such challenging economic times.”

Laurel’s life has had a complete transformation since her blog became synonymous with the word empowerment. “More people know about what we do!” she remarked emphatically. “Hence, we are able to scale faster and help more women achieve their goal of starting a business or nurturing a hobby that may someday turn into a business. And I am a whole lot busier — productive busy these days!”

From Laurel’s perspective the Top 3 Reasons Women Won’t Plan Their Escape From Corporate America:

1. Afraid of eliminating their security blanket (a fat paycheck — even though they may HATE what they do day-in and day-out).

2. Lack of confidence. To start a business (or anything new online, for example) you need confidence in your abilities and a certain self-assuredness that your damned good at what you do!

3. Listening too much to what everyone else is saying or doing. Stop analyzing and just do it!

Visit her blog Escape From Corporate America to change your life.

For My Savvy Sisters: Have you ever dreamt about escaping corporate America? What stopped you? Do you know someone who did it and became successful? Share your story.

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