Savvy Blogger We Love- Patricia Miswa

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Patricia Miswa

Age: 25

Current Residence: Kenya, Africa

Writer and Handmade card designer

Patricia Miswa is the editor and founder of AfroElle, an African based online magazine that focuses on encouraging, empowering, entertaining and elevating women of African decent from all over the world.

She has been a blogger for 5 years after blogging anonymously for 3 years as a college student trying to find herself. “Blogging for me was and is still therapy,” Patricia said. “Keeping an online journal has helped me in terms of growth as a person. I can easily go back to my posts to remind myself of where I have been, the dreams I’ve had along the way and where I hope to be.”

Patricia started AfroElle Blog last year, formerly known as The Ladies Room because she was going through a certain experience and felt like she was all alone. She decided to confide in a friend and realized that they were going through almost the same thing. Through that breath of clarity and enlightenment she realized the power in women talking and sharing.

“I think the most amazing thing about AfroElle is that it brings women of African descent from all over the world together, to talk and share experiences. Through this blog I have met and networked with fabulous women who I would not have otherwise met and that in itself is amazing,” Patricia said. “It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a stay home mom, juggling school and the corporate world, as women we share a common bond. Most often than not women go through the same struggles and as women, we understand each other’s problems. At one point or the other we have gone through the same things. I know it’s said that we are our own enemies but I believe women can be their greatest supporters. I believe together women can very powerful!”

This 25-year-old blogging icon understands the value of learning, growth and purpose. “I don’t want to live as if I’m groping into the darkness, I take every day as an opportunity to learn, to grow and a step towards reaching my purpose,” she said. “I don’t believe in waiting for things to happen, I make it happen. I handle my business. Being savvy is an important part of my life because it helps me live my life to the fullest and helps me towards my purpose on this earth.”

Visit her beautiful blog AfroElle to learn more about her work.

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