Death Is Not A Punishment

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Because we are on earth at this time and we are confined to these bodies we have come to believe that these bodies define who we are. Our bodies do not define who we are, our bodies are the transportation for the essence of who we are. Who we “are” is intangible and ever lasting. We “exist” not just inside of our bodies, but always.

Think of your body as a car. Sometimes things get broken. Sometimes things get rusty or the wiring shuts down. Sometimes we need to be sent to the mechanic so that he can tinker with our gears and lube us up. When you step outside of your car, do you still exist? It is the same with our bodies. Once we shed this physical body, we still exist.

I believe that life is a chance to explore human emotions, feelings and experiences. I believe that we chose to be born to play the game of life and to create the world around us, exercising our magic powers without even knowing it. I am not sure about predestination but I do believe that just like no car is built to last forever, no human body is. Since we all must trade in our bodies for another experience we can not decide to believe that death is a punishment. In doing so, we are saying that we chose to be born in order to punish ourselves.


Do you remember when we played kickball on the playground as children? As seemed to float across the ball field we felt as though time was limitless and we were having the most fun we could ever have. Can you imagine if we decided that playing kickball at age 10 was the most fun we ever had and we never decided to try new things like driving or dating or even skateboarding? What would we have missed out on life by judging that our first experience at bliss was actually the best experience we could ever have?

It is the same with life. Whether you are enjoying what you have created in this life or you feel like your choice was taken away and you are miserable, you should understand that all of this is temporary and leads to the same place. All of those celebrities you admire, the people you hate most and the ones you feel you can’t live without will one day experience what we call death and this should not be viewed as a bad thing.

Death is not a punishment. Death is a reward for a life lived to its fullest potential.

Once a person has maxed out their creation as a human, they can go to be free again, free from the physical limitations of this body, back to the full essence of who we are, limitless and all encompassing.

best-friends-329347_640When someone you love dies, salute their life understanding that they did everything they came to do. When someone dies doing something they LOVED, give them an extra salute knowing that they went out in the midst of creating the best bliss possible.

Death is not a punishment, it is a transition from one state of being to another, from one playground to another, from one movie theatre to another.

Your time is coming and when it does, you will have lived out one hell of a life. Enjoy yourself on this playground and we will meet again on the next one.

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