5 Reasons To Celebrate Pain

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If we had our choice we would completely eradicate the possibility of pain because it’s, well, painful. However strategically we try to avoid the aches and pains of life we can use its occurrence to help boost our health and happiness by understanding these 5 truths about the benefits of pain.

Physical Pain
1. Physical pain is caused by an inflammation in our body’s nervous system that acts as an alert system to tell us that something is wrong. Pain is our body’s way of letting us know that if we continue that activity we will harm ourselves even more.

When you begin to feel physical pain as a result of an activity, stop what you are doing and adjust your activity in a way that doesn’t cause so much stress on your body. You can try to celebrate when you feel pain because without it you’d damage yourself permanently.

Emotional Pain
2. Emotional pain is usually present when we endure a loss in life. The pain is not physical yet it can present itself in physical form if we choose to dwell on the loss as a negative incident. There is perfection in emotional pain because it proves that we had a connection or a passion to the thing we are hurting over.

Life is all about making connections with our environment and those around us. If we are living a rich and full life we will become passionate about the things and people we love. If we didn’t achieve these heartfelt connections we could never really know the full experience of life. Sadly, a part of the life cycle is letting go and this is when the emotional pain of losing our connection to that experience takes over. If you have ever been hurt by a loss, take it as a sign that you are indeed living a full and satisfying life.

Past Traumas
3. The pain of past memories linger in our minds forcing us to relive the moment and rekindle the pain over and over again. There is one surefire way to alleviate the ache of the pain of the past. You have to recognize first that at some point whatever was causing the pain has ended and you have moved on. If you were able to move past the pain of any situation in your past, you can do it again.

In this scenario, pain is useful because it reminds you that you overcame it the last time and you will move on again.

Unmet Expectations
4. Since we’re passionately involved in this life experience, it makes sense that we will open our eyes and decide that we want to see more and experience more. When our desires and expectations for our lives lead us to experience the pain of unmet expectations it can cause depression, a low sense of self worth and emotional trauma.

Just like with the other types of pain, we can celebrate the pain of unmet expectations because we recognize that unlike some people who waft stoically through life with no aim or purpose, we DO have purpose, we DO have plans and we DO have high hopes for our life experience. Our expectations indicate that on some level we want to enjoy this life experience and we believe we can otherwise our unmet expectations would not bother us.

The pain of unmet expectations means that we are ready to enjoy life.

Unrequited Love
5. There’s that tingly feeling again. It begins in the pit of your stomach and permeates through your entire body causing you to feel drained yet exhilarated. Yep, that’s love. Love is such a beautiful feeling, but it’s not so beautiful when the love isn’t returned.

The pain of unrequited love is almost impossible to bare. You may blame yourself for not being loveable or you may become frustrated with the object of your attention for not receiving your love in the best possible way. No, there is no quick fix to overcoming the pain of unrequited love but this type of pain does come with a reason to celebrate.

When you experience the pain of unrequited love you must understand that the mere fact that you dared to love someone is an act of bravery. There are so many souls who are closed off to connections with other people due to the fear of being rejected. They will never experience the bliss you feel when you think of the one you love, when you hear their voice or attempt to make a connection with them.

You are so courageous for stepping out and releasing the love you have inside, whether it is returned or not. When it isn’t returned and you experience the pain that comes with not being appreciated, take a look in the mirror and tell yourself, “But I did it. I have lived and loved. I am not a stone. I am alive.”

For My Savvy Sisters: Can you recall a time when your worst moment eventually became your best moment?

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