How To Claim Freedom Over Your Life

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I see you. You’re sitting there frustrated, agitated and annoyed because something is happening that you feel you can’t control. You’re afraid that if this thing becomes even bigger, you’ll lose it completely.

I understand. Things didn’t quite work out the way you planned them to and for once in your adult life you’re about to throw a temper tantrum. Why? Because this just isn’t fair. You’ve done all of the work. You’ve given to charity. You’ve tried your best to be the best person you can be and STILL you have to deal with this.

You feel trapped with nowhere to turn. You feel burdened and uncomfortable. You don’t know how to break out of this messy situation you’re in and you just can’t seem to shake the fear that everything is falling apart.

You want freedom. You want stability. You just want to get a handle on things so that you KNOW your life is worth living but you feel trapped by this one situation and it’s not working out- not at all.

What do you do now? How do you break free?

There is only one thing you can do.

You must be willing to allow the thing you fear most to happen.

You must be willing to lose, to fall, to drown or to stand alone.

Once you are willing to lose in any situation, the pressure of overcoming it disappears and you realize that no matter what happens, you can push through.

As long as you have breath,  you can figure out a way to prosper through any and all fears. This is not the end of your story. Trust me. Nothing can completely break you, unless you want it to.

Do you want to break apart?

Do you wish you want to experience ruin? Of course you don’t. And you won’t. The situation that you feel is holding you back from your personal freedom is only an illusion. Nothing is holding you back from moving forward. Nothing.

This is a stepping stone for you. Just because you’re willing to lose, doesn’t mean you will.

But be willing to lose. Be willing to choke. Be bold enough to stand firm and say- This won’t kill me. I can move through this.

On the other side of that realization- there lies your freedom.


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