Reader Mail: I’m In This Life-Long Journey With You

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Hello My Sister!

I know you’ve encountered so MANY people along your journeys, but if you recall I’m the young lady who reached out to you last week. I spoke to you for awhile over the phone before you went into work for the night. I’m the 27 year old young lady from New Jersey who recently had a BREAKDOWN over heartache, etc. I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU. I thank you my sister for working thru God to do all that you’re doing. Sometimes, the wisdom of an “outsider” who’s been there and done that is better than any other at the moment!

I have to honestly say that I have taken much of the advice you’ve given me over the phone into consideration and decided to keep on LIVING! By that, I don’t mean I contemplated suicide or anything, but I decided not to let the perils, trials, and tribulations that life has been bringing allow me to lose touch of self! I decided to keep on pushing and have the success I desire in this lifetime. Since our conversation, I have followed many of your YouTube videos, website:, Facebook, etc. to get to know you better! It’s one thing to seek the advice of an outsider over the phone, but it’s another to learn about their journey enough to understand how it is they were able to help YOU (“you” being MYSELF), and how it is that they’ve become who they are today.

I followed your videos from the Rebuilding Your Life Project and so on and so forth. Your journey has truly been inspirational and amazing to a young sister like me. I look forward to more of your wonderful work! Not only do I feel as if I’ve met an amazing mentor, but also as if I’ve made a new lifelong friend.

By the way, congratulations on the recent publishing of your book, It’s Not a Sin to Be Single! Like you, I aspire to provide self-help to others along my journey as well. No longer will I let rejection, heartache, and long-suffering determine the outcome of my success! Thank you my Sister! God bless you! I’m in this life long journey with you!

P.S. I love Miami. I hope to relocate from New Jersey sooner than later! Who knows, maybe Miami will be a great relocation for me in the future!


S. N. Guest

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